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Black topsoil - Primarily for vegetable and flower gardens because of the nutrients inside.

Brown topsoil - This is used for changing grades and building berms because it is one of the heavier soils we use.

Blended - This a combination of both above soils, we use this soil for our lawns. It has the nutrients for growth and is heavy enough to not settle.

Fill - This is a combination of rocks, clumps, small sticks. We use this for building up foundations, filling holes, pools, ponds, etc.

We offer much more then what is listed here .

Please call Jeremy to get more information and options.

Jeremy Ramos

Landscape Supervisor
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We can use a number of different styles of mulch due to whichever the customer needs. Are top three requested mulch are:

Red Enviro mulch - A lightweight mulch with a bright red dye that will have to be turned or relayed every 1 - 2 yrs due to discoloring or washout

Brown Enviro - The same as above except it has a dark brown dye in it. Some refer to it as chocolate mulch.

Shredded Hardwood - This is the most common and cheapest of the bunch. No dye in it, so it will last almost 3 yrs with no maintenance.

Types of stones